A Mango-Shaped Space

A Mango-Shaped Space ৷ What is text A Mango-Shaped Space pdf 㠑 Kindle Author Wendy Mass ఩ Grade 5 8 Mia, 13, has always seen colors in sounds, numbers, and letters, a fact she has kept secret since the day she discovered that other people don t have this ability Then she discovers that she has a rare condition called synesthesia, which means that the visual cortex in her brain is activated when she hears something From then on, she leads a kind of double life she eagerly attends research gatherings with other synesthetes and devours information about the condition, but continues to struggle at school, where her inadvertent pairing of particular colors with numbers and words makes math and French almost impossible to figure out Her gradual abandonment of her frustrating school life in favor of the compelling world of fellow synesthetes and the unique things only they can experience seems quite logical, although readers may feel like shaking some sense into her Finally, and rather abruptly, her extreme guilt at her beloved cat Mango s illness brings her back down to earth and she begins to work on some of the relationships she let crumble Mia s voice is believable and her description of the vivid world she experiences, filled with slashes, blurs, and streaks of color, is fascinating Not all of the many characters are necessary to the story, and some of the plot elements go unresolved, but Mia s unique way of experiencing the world is intriguing.Eva Mitnick, Los Angeles Public LibraryCopyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.Gr 6 10 This contemporary novel does for synesthesia what Terry Hesser s Kissing Doorknobs 1998 does for obsessive compulsive disorder the lively personal story demystifies a fascinating condition For 13 year old Mia Winchell, the world has always been filled with a wonderful, if sometimes dizzying, sensory onslaught numbers, letters, words, and sounds all cause her to see a distinct array of colors She keeps her unusual condition a secret until eighth grade, but then her color visions make math and Spanish impossibly confusing, and she must go to her parents and a doctor for help However, this is than a docu novel Mass beautifully integrates information about synesthesia with Mia s coming of age story, which includes her break with her best friend and her grief over her grandfather s death The episode where Mia fabricates an illness to try out acupuncture for the color visions it produces is marvelously done, showing Mia s eagerness for new experiences even as it describes a synesthete s vision References to a comprehensive Web site and bibliography about synesthesia are included Debbie Carton Copyright American Library Association All rights reserved Dhol Drum by Maharaja Musicals, Buy Musicals, Mango Wood, Natural, Barrel Shaped, Padded Bag, Beaters, Nylon Shoulder Strap, Punjabi Bhangra Musical Instrument Mango Chutney Recipe Alton Brown Food Cut the mango flesh away from pit The is shaped similar to an obelisk, so you ll end up with large pieces and smaller each Tree Julie Dwarf Varierty Grafted Variety Grafted in a Gallon Container on scale of one ten, Jamaicans would rate solid twelve In Florida it Growing Trees introduction location planting watering care frost protection fertilizing soil winds sun heat learn varieties fruit How Make Homemade Chutney This guide how make homemade canned chutney slasa easiest internet fully illustrated, complete, simple Claire says Hi there, we also have tree garden that has apparantly not fruited for couple years few flowers now butThe Last Present A Wish Novel Willow Falls Falls Wendy Mass FREE shipping qualifying offers Amanda Leo history A Mango-Shaped Space

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