Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State: Chapter 18 Introduction to the World’s Pedophilia Epicenter: United Kingdom and its Soccer Pedophilia Epidemic

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State: Chapter 18 Introduction to the World’s Pedophilia Epicenter: United Kingdom and its Soccer Pedophilia Epidemic ᥔ Free ᙡ Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State: Chapter 18 Introduction to the World’s Pedophilia Epicenter: United Kingdom and its Soccer Pedophilia Epidemic ᦨ Book By Joachim Hagopian ᧐ Though each child victims story is uniquely tragic in its own devastating way, in far ways their stories are the same, regardless of sport, perpetrator, nation or time of crime Sports pedophilia scandals as depicted by mainstream news always casts one abhorrent deviant predator who for many decades exploits both his authority and reputation to get away with chronically abusing multiple generations of children before ultimately being exposed and spending the rest of his life behind bars The power differential between each authority figure, most often a renowned coach, and his fledgling underage athletes all eagerly vying for playing time, recognition, approval, and a chance to fulfill their dream of success and fame, is the common dynamic behind every single scandal in both the sports and entertainment worlds In all cases the brave young souls who eventually do come forth to report their sexual abuse go unheard, dismissed and cast aside, only permitting the abuser to continue to abuse for many, years In every case the larger sports organizations be they Olympic entities or regional and international associations to all the national governing bodies, they are always guilty of protecting the perpetrator s at all cost And other than one singled out monster, the surrounding private elite club of fellow pedophiles and pedophile enabling system associated with each of these horrifying scandals seems to by design always remain relatively unknown and hidden from public view, unexposed and free of all culpability and accountability Ultimately at the top of this Luciferian power pyramid, too much power, control and money is at stake, thus saving the undeserved reputations and private identities of other guilty parties and powerful elite pedophiles become far important than saving the lives of mere expendable children regardless of their growing numbers And the media is always there to protect the pedo interests that would otherwise unveil the deeper incriminating connections to the larger global pedophilia network And in the end, you can plug in and interchange in any given sport the names of the sole MSM designated child raping monster eventually caught and the multitude of his child victims, along with the times and places of each scandal, and without exception, all are characterized by these same definable constants driving each and every tragedy currently being played out on the world stage Since the previous section of chapters laid out in full detail the biggest known pedophilia scandals in sports history, at least in America, the one covered next involves the game of soccer or football played at the junior club level at the planets very pedophilia epicenter the United Kingdom And true to form, all the same common features listed above are present in this biggest ever British sports scandal as well Additionally, this chapter launches the next book section examining the slew of pedophilia scandals uncovered in recent years outside the US in the ever fertile pedo pastures of Europe, Australia and elsewhere. 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  • 14 November 2016