Ripples in Spacetime: Einstein, Gravitational Waves, and the Future of Astronomy

Ripples in Spacetime: Einstein, Gravitational Waves, and the Future of Astronomy ∘ read entire ᠑ Ripples in Spacetime: Einstein, Gravitational Waves, and the Future of Astronomy online free ↤ Kindle By Govert Schilling ∏ I read with great pleasure this friendly book The placement of the detection of gravitational waves in the greater history of astronomy and physics is nicely done, and readers not yet familiar with many of the concepts will come away from the book having really learned some of the physics as well as having a sense of what real science and real scientists are like The scope and organization makes it entertaining and leaves room for surprises David Shoemaker, Spokesperson, LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Senior Research Scientist, MIT Kavli Institute In this elegant and captivating book Govert Schilling takes us by the hand through a century of scientific adventures to one of the biggest discoveries of history Robbert Dijkgraaf, Director and Leon Levy Professor, Institute for Advanced Study A fascinating story of astronomySchilling walks readers through a lucid history of the universe, of general relativity, and of the bumpy search for Einsteins last major unconfirmed prediction the existence of gravitational wavesSchilling delivers a lively, expert, mostly comprehensible account, equal parts politics, personality, and science, of the search that ended two years agoSchilling emphasizes that this is not simply another feather in Einsteins cap, but a valuable new tool The early universe was opaque to radiation until 380,000 years after the Big Bang, but gravity waves poured out from almost the beginning, so a new field of gravitational wave astronomy can look back almost to the birth of the cosmos An exciting history of the second great breakthrough of 21st century physics Kirkus Reviews starred review 2017 06 15 Ripples in Spacetime explains complex ideas clearly and entertaininglyIt details the personalities, rivalries, collaborations, controversies, setbacks and successes of the century long quest to test Einsteins theories Bang up to date, the book describes science in progress and as a process how ideas are developed and discoveries made and rejected or confirmed The best part for me was the detail the book goes into about the first detection and the meticulous protocols in place to scrutinize and eliminate every possible error Schilling also looks ahead to what we can expect in this whole new field of astronomy This is a book for everyone who was as excited as I was when the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory discovery first broke, but also for anyone who wants to know what all the fuss was about Jenny Winder BBC Sky at Night Magazine 2017 07 01 In a sweeping new book, Ripples in Spacetime Einstein, Gravitational Waves, and the Future of Astronomy, prolific science writer Govert Schilling has achieved the fascinating trifecta of historical and scientific accuracy, a grand sense of wonder and curiosity, and brilliantly accessible storytelling Ripples in Spacetime goes far beyond the gravitational wave story you ve heard over the past few yearsIt belongs on the shelf of anyone interested in learning the scientific, historical, and personal stories behind some of the most incredible scientific advances of the 21st century As our scientific progress continues, this book will serve as a reminder of how far weve already come, how we got there, and what were looking forward to with our most hopeful ambitions Ethan Siegel Forbes 2017 08 31 Schilling gives us a lively and readable account of the gravitational waves discovery Schilling underlines that this discovery is the opening of a new window on the universe, the beginning of a new branch of science Astronomers will no longer be limited to observing space through the waves of electricity and magnetism for example, visible light entering telescopes, but will be able to observe it through waves of gravity Galileo would have been amazed Graham Farmelo The Guardian 2017 08 02 Engaging Manjit Kumar New Statesman 2017 08 19 A detailed account of the quest to detect gravitational waves James Ryerson New York Times Book Review 2017 08 20 In September 2015, a new frontier in astronomy beckoned with the first direct detection of gravitational waves, confirming Albert Einstein s prediction almost a century before Govert Schilling s deliciously nerdy grand tour takes us through compelling backstory, current research and future expectations Barbara Kiser Nature 2017 07 13 A succinct, accessible, and remarkably timely survey of gravitational wave astronomy as it developed over the past centuryThis book is a rare findThe books remarkable breadth and accessibility should make it the first piece of reading material for anyonefrom high school students to policymakerswith an interest in gravitational waves Ripples in Spacetime sets itself apart by putting the entire field into perspectivepast, present, and future It conveys a sense of awe about a century of scientific investment and achievement and a sense of excitement for whats to come Richard OShaughnessy Physics Today 2017 12 01 Govert Schilling is an astronomy journalist and writer based in the Netherlands. 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