Einstein: His Life and Universe

Einstein: His Life and Universe › Types of text Einstein: His Life and Universe ⁙ PDF by Walter Isaacson ⁾ As a scientist, Albert Einstein is undoubtedly the most epic among 20th century thinkers Albert Einstein as a man, however, has been a much harder portrait to paint, and what we know of him as a husband, father, and friend is fragmentary at best With Einstein His Life and Universe, Walter Isaacson author of the bestselling biographies Benjamin Franklin and Kissinger brings Einstein s experience of life, love, and intellectual discovery into brilliant focus The book is the first biography to tackle Einstein s enormous volume of personal correspondence that heretofore had been sealed from the public, and it s hard to imagine another book that could do such a richly textured and complicated life as Einstein s the same thoughtful justice Isaacson is a master of the form and this latest opus is at once arresting and wonderfully revelatory Anne Bartholomew Read The Light Beam Rider, the first chapter of Walter Isaacson s Einstein His Life and Universe Five Questions for Walter Isaacson .com What kind of scientific education did you have to give yourself to be able to understand and explain Einstein s ideas Isaacson I ve always loved science, and I had a group of great physicists such as Brian Greene, Lawrence Krauss, and Murray Gell Mann who tutored me, helped me learn the physics, and checked various versions of my book I also learned the tensor calculus underlying general relativity, but tried to avoid spending too much time on it in the book I wanted to capture the imaginative beauty of Einstein s scientific leaps, but I hope folks who want to delve deeply into the science will read Einstein books by such scientists as Abraham Pais, Jeremy Bernstein, Brian Greene, and others .com That Einstein was a clerk in the Swiss Patent Office when he revolutionized our understanding of the physical world has often been treated as ironic or even absurd But you argue that in many ways his time there fostered his discoveries Could you explain Isaacson I think he was lucky to be at the patent office rather than serving as an acolyte in the academy trying to please senior professors and teach the conventional wisdom As a patent examiner, he got to visualize the physical realities underlying scientific concepts He had a boss who told him to question every premise and assumption And as Peter Galison shows in Einstein s Clocks, Poincare s Maps, many of the patent applications involved synchronizing clocks using signals that traveled at the speed of light So with his office mate Michele Besso as a sounding board, he was primed to make the leap to special relativity .com That time in the patent office makes him sound far like a practical scientist and tinkerer than the usual image of the wild haired professor, and like your previous biographical subject, the multitalented but eminently earthly Benjamin Franklin Did you see connections between them Isaacson I like writing about creativity, and that s what Franklin and Einstein shared They also had great curiosity and imagination But Franklin was a practical man who was not very theoretical, and Einstein was the opposite in that regard .com Of the many legends that have accumulated around Einstein, what did you find to be least true Most true Isaacson The least true legend is that he failed math as a schoolboy He was actually great in math, because he could visualize equations He knew they were nature s brushstrokes for painting her wonders For example, he could look at Maxwell s equations and marvel at what it would be like to ride alongside a light wave, and he could look at Max Planck s equations about radiation and realize that Planck s constant meant that light was a particle as well as a wave The most true legend is how rebellious and defiant of authority he was You see it in his politics, his personal life, and his science .com At Time and CNN and the Aspen Institute, you ve worked with many of the leading thinkers and leaders of the day Now that you ve had the chance to get to know Einstein so well, did he remind you of anyone from our day who shares at least some of his remarkable qualities Isaacson There are many creative scientists, most notably Stephen Hawking, who wrote the essay on Einstein as Person of the Century when I was editor of Time In the world of technology, Steve Jobs has the same creative imagination and ability to think differently that distinguished Einstein, and Bill Gates has the same intellectual intensity I wish I knew politicians who had the creativity and human instincts of Einstein, or for that matter the wise feel for our common values of Benjamin Franklin More to Explore Benjamin Franklin An American Life Kissinger A Biography The Wise Men Six Friends and the World They MadeAcclaimed biographer Isaacson examines the remarkable life of science s preeminent poster boy in this lucid account after 2003 s Benjamin Franklin and 1992 s Kissinger Contrary to popular myth, the German Jewish schoolboy Albert Einstein not only excelled in math, he mastered calculus before he was 15 Young Albert s dislike for rote learning, however, led him to compare his teachers to drill sergeants That antipathy was symptomatic of Einstein s love of individual and intellectual freedom, beliefs the author revisits as he relates his subject s life and work in the context of world and political events that shaped both, from WWI and II and their aftermath through the Cold War Isaacson presents Einstein s researchhis efforts to understand space and time, resulting in four extraordinary papers in 1905 that introduced the world to special relativity, and his later work on unified field theorywithout equations and for the general reader Isaacson focuses on Einstein the man charismatic and passionate, often careless about personal affairs outspoken and unapologetic about his belief that no one should have to give up personal freedoms to support a state Fifty years after his death, Isaacson reminds us why Einstein 18791955 remains one of the most celebrated figures of the 20th century 500,000 firsr printing, 20 city author tour, first serial to Time confirmed appearance on Good Morning America Apr Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved. 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